Our goal is to bring together a group of remarkable people dedicated to personal growth and a desire to impact their community.


SUPERX is looking for individuals who live their life like a real life superhero; in pursuit of both personal growth while also contributing to their communities. Simply put, we want individuals who choose to BE EXTRAORDINARY.


As an ambassador, you will be rewarded with the following perks:

1. The ability to earn Free SUPERX gear

or commissions.

2. Being a member of a like minded community and become the best version of yourself

3. Get early access to new products

4. Be apart of designing new products

5. Access to in-person meetups

6. Attend monthly ambassador calls

What is the criteria?

To be eligible to apply, you must be an an existing customer with SUPERX.

If you're eligible to apply, you must have at least 500 social media followers on a single channel (example: Instagram, YouTube, etc.) and have daily active engagement. Our search is open to all countries worldwide.

If selected to be an ambassador, you must make progress and grow in the following areas of your life: Fitness, Charitable Contributions to your community (volunteering or financial) and Social Media Follower.
Essentially, we want you to live as a real life superhero, improving yourself while also contributing to your community.

If you don't want to live a life or purpose, progress and become a hero in your community, then do not apply.