Q: Is SUPERX based in the USA?
A: Yes! We are based out of Downtown Boise, Idaho USA

Q: Is every item a Limited Edition?
A: Yes, every item is a limited edition. Once an item is sold out, it will never be available again.

Q: Will you restock previous suits?
Unfortunately not. We will never sell the same design twice. Similar to how comics and movies update a suit, we do the same always upgrading design and product features
Q: What are all the Pre Order details & shipping dates?
A: For all Pre Order Details CLICK HERE

Q: Do you do Apparel sizing exchanges?
A: Yes, if something does not fit correctly we offer Free apparel sizing exchanges as long as all tags are attached and items are unwashed or you can receive a full refund.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: Refunds are only acceptable if product has all original tags and is unwashed. See our refund page for in depth info!

Q: Do you do Student or Military discounts?
A: Yes! Please send a picture ID to support@superxapparel.com

Q: Who are the Creators of SUPERX?
A: SUPERX was created by Austin Gayne. You can follow him on Instagram @austinngayne