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LOGAN S2 Hoodie
Mark Corona
The Logan hoodie

The hoodie was incredibly comfortable and i loved the design. It was so good that people spotted the character concept from a mile away. Great merch and great customer service as well

LOGAN S2 Hoodie
Willie Young
Logan S2

Man where do I even start lol. This is by Far one of my favorite suit from SuperX and im happy I got it right before my brithday. This one feels absolutely amazing love that we can just let our arms out to get some air.

Thank you again SuperX you guys rock. 5 out of 5 for me.💪🏾

ORIGIN Face Mask
Michael Sanchez
Its looks better in person and feels fantastic throughout your workout!!

This is by far the best!! Well worth the price it. The fit was perfect and the material was perfect for me especially since I have extremely sensitive skin(psoriasis). Normally i feel a bit of irritation after a long gym session but with my super suit I had literally zero irritation!!! Thank you so much for an amazing product!!

LOGAN S2 Jogger
Angel Nunez
Pretty Great

These are definitely the most comfortable sweats I own and they so happen to look dope, and here I bought them because they look dope.

Not only are these my now goto for my work out gear but looks pretty great when you want to be comfy at a Con.

We Are VENOM!!!

Got to test out the new BROCK S2 and it blew my expectations. One of the highest quality pieces of activewear I've ever owned. It's soo nice that I almost feel bad about working out in it! It has soo many more cool little details than anything I've ever seen and really draws insipiration from the character very well. One subtle feature I love is the spider web design on the back of the hood, it's not very obvious but such a neat feature they added. I definitely recommend this for anyone!

Grayson Joggers and Shirt

Wow another amazing suit hoodie not in this photo since it’s still about 90 degrees here in AZ! But let me tell you this gear is top notch and every purchase the quality and designs get better and better!!! Way to go Super X!!! You’ve definitely taken up a lot of real estate in my closet more reviews coming soon!!!

Very comfortable and perfectly fitted

Amazingly constructed and durable, the Batman hoodie feels very comfortable to wear and perfectly fits my body. Definitely makes my physique pop as well!

Feeling FLASHy

Preordered the suit, took a few months to show up, but well worth the wait. The Allen is definitely a suit for you if you're a fellow Speedster. Honestly, this is the most comfortable pair of clothing I have ever put on. Tight enough to show off the gainz, and loose enough to go on a run in. This suit is the best of both worlds, squatting the bar at the gym, or popping a squat on the couch to relax. Team was very communicative when it came to the process, and sizes charts are accurate. @amon2997

The perfect fit!

Definitely makes my physique pop. Definitely made quite a bit of heads turn at the gym!

SLADE is the definition of Badass

I am the model in the SLADE and I had the chance to try it out for a few days and I must say as it's my first time working with SUPERX, I saw the cool designs but I didn't know what to expect with the quality but I was blown away with the premium materials and amazing comfort.

LOOK 10/10
It looks like the combo of DCEU movies and comics, this design is great

Feels like a second skin and really moves well with all my movements

Feels like the highest quality product I've ever had, better than Lululemon, Nike, Under Armour and all those brands. This is unique

If you love the design, it's a no brainer. Amazing

I feel like Batman

The WAYNE Longsleeve is an amazing piece, it looks amazing in person, is extremely high quality and genuinely makes you feel like Batman! 10/10 reccommend

One of their best


Extremely comfortable and moves with you. They made some small changes to the hoddie which I think are great, but I'm not a fan of the side pockets on the Joggers. Still a great product YouTube video placeholder
I can wear this all day!

Incredibly impressed with the look and feel of this track suit (Rogers V2. Hoodie & Joggers). The most comfiest thing I have ever worn! Great for looking like a superhero while working out or lounging! As for sizing - I can't offer much recommendation as Im a muscular 5'7 210lbs. So finding clothes for a fitted look is hard to come by in any brand. Could use a little more room in the hoodie (chest, shoulders, arms) BUT overall everything is great! A must buy for any fan.

An excellent, flattering hoodie

I’m not anywhere near the level of fitness that the guys modeling these hoodies have: I’m 41, a dad, and the past two years have been rough on my fitness routine.

But this hoodie makes me look heroic. Maybe not as super heroic as the guys in the product shots, but it’s definitely flattering.

In addition, the quality of the fabric and design is excellent- real heft to the material, very comfortable, and all the fasteners feel high end.

I just wish I could find a matching star for the chest…

David Guthman
Almost Perfect

For the most part, the hoodie is fantastic. High quality craftsmanship for sure. I only have 2 issues with it. I find the fabric way heavier than it needs to be. It's like wearing a suit of iron. It's a bit much.

Secondly, I don't like that I can feel the seems on the inside of the hoodie. It feels awkward. They are really noticeable and distracting from the soft fabric.

Other than that, it's a great product.

Shaun Williams
Strait out of Búldhaven!!!

Number One: Great fit! I’m 5’11” 185lb I got the Medium and it fits like I’m about to go KO Slade with a drop kick!

Number Two: It’s Durable! I’ve been practicing my handsprings. My back is bruised but the suit is not!!

Number Three: I’m Motivated Like Never Before!! My favorite superhero is Dick Grayson! So when I put on this suit…I Go For It!!!

If you live life without a net buy the Grayson!

Sean Amidan
Super Impressed with the Grayson

The Grayson is honestly the best thing I have ever worn! It fits so well and is extremely comfortable. Nightwing is my favorite hero so as soon as I saw this was going to drop I knew I had to try it out and let me tell you, I was not disappointed. The fit is phenomenal, it feels like it was made specifically for my body. The materials used and the quality makes it not just comfortable but durable. If I could wear this every day I would. If you see a suit that you like I would say jump on it as soon as you can, you will not be disappointed. I can't wait to get more of the future releases to add to my collection!

ROGERS V2 Hoodie
Sean Amidan
Rogers V2... Incredible

This was my first actual suit piece from SuperX and I have to say I am beyond impressed. The fit is great and it looks even better in person! I can't wait for the weather to cool down so I can wear it out everywhere. If you're thinking about getting something from SuperX, do it! You will not regret it, the quality is amazing. I will definitely be buying more. My only regret was not getting the Rogers joggers too!

Ryan Abney
The Grayson

I started wearing Super X gear last year in early 2021, since then I’ve been addicted to their gear! I’ve have over 8 suits from them and will continue to grow as they keep dropping 🔥🔥 gear each time. Just received the Grayson, I really love the designs more in person than I thought, it’s very subtle and easy to blend in with. Definitely grateful to found gear that fits my heart in many ways, through comics, fitness and martial arts! Can’t wait for the next one!

Palmer Thompson
Better than even expected

I had heard some reviews of this company from some friends and decided to give it a shot when I saw the Grayson set.... when it got here my expectations were blown out of the water, it arrived promptly and the quality is unbelievably... I’m going to be on the lookout for more drops I think I’m addicted to these supersuits

ROGERS Joggers
Ruben Carrillo
Rogers suit 2.0……. BEST SUIT EVER!!!

First of all…….. Love the outfit !!!!!!
I am so amazed and surprised by the quality of the suit and how comfortable it is!!!!! First ever product I purchased from here and nooooo regrets!! Can’t wait to get more amazing products from you guys and show them off when I workout or go to the Disney parks and represent you guys out there and get more people into superx!!
Love to represent this company and spread the word about you guys!!!

Outstanding! Rodgers V2

I’ve purchased several Super X items. They’ve all been excellent and the Rodgers V2 is no exception. It’s really sharp. It’s subtle, but still looks just like Cap’s suit. My son actually saw it and said, “Dad, I thought you were wearing armor”. So I’d say it’s a success. I can’t describe the color of the suit. It’s very unique. Not your typical blue, but really cool. There’s some new features like the zip-tie fasteners on the joggers (which I really like); and the thumb straps on the Hoodie (which I don’t care for, but they’re easy to fold up and not use). It’s durable and will have no trouble holding up during training. Unfortunately the Rodgers is sold out, but if you’re on the fence about purchasing from SuperX, the cost and wait are worth it. B/c they make a limited quantity, you’ll be the only one around rocking such an awesome suit. Just be sure to adhere to the sizing chart.

Congrats on another great product, SuperX!

ROGERS Joggers
Gabriel Garcia
Another 10/10 Superx Drop

The first piece I ever bought from the brand was the original Rogers hoodie, which I still have like 3 years later. This set was super anticipated for me personally. It hit the mark of being a great set of gym and casual wear. Showing a lot of love to Cap but in a minimalist way, if you know you know. Plus they past the squat test, functional and stylish as always.

ALLEN Hoodie
First time customer is now a customer for life

I am a big captain america fan thanks to the winter solider film and I really loved his stealth suit in the movie. So when I was scrolling through Instagram and saw that superx was making a hoodie inspired by the stealth suit I knew I had to get it. I was a little hesitant because I didn't know anything about superx and I really didn't think they were real. But when it was time to pre oder I took a shot and placed my order and spoilers am so glad I did. After a couple of months it finally arrived and I was blown away. The details, the Stitching, the fit everything about the final product was amazing and worth the wait. It feels like it will definitely keep you warm in the winter. I wish I got the joggers but fingers crossed they restock it in the future. If you are on the fence about buying something from superx trust me buy it, it will be worth it.

Comfy Fit, Incredible Construction, the best piece of apparel I've ever owned

This sweatshirt is a masterpiece. The quality of the fabric with the 4 way stretch is spectacular. The stitching and detail work is precise and lands so well on the body. The flaps for the pockets blend in perfectly with the design. It is functional, stylish, flattering, comfy, warm, and breathable. The whole piece is a triumph and speaks to the craftsmanship that has developed piece over piece as new designs come out. I can't sing enough praises. This is without a doubt the best purchase I have ever made.